Music As Art

Music As Art

Turn your Music Collection into your own unique piece of art. Canvas mounted image of all of your music album covers converted into one collage.

These do not come as limited editions, all commissions are bespoke.

No one will have exactly the same music collection as you and therefore your piece of artwork will be unique too.

Each piece looks fantastic hung on a wall, a fantastic conversation piece. The larger your music collection, the more impressive your image becomes. The perfect present for the music buff in your life/bed/office/family. Ask staff for prices or leave an enquiry on our page. To view examples of this unique service, go to our Links tab on the main menu.

A3 size = approx 175 albums - £100

A2 size = approx 377 albums - £200

A1 size = approx 750 albums - £400

A0 size = approx 1500 albums - £600

(custom sizes also available)

Collages can be made as single or multi canvas.

Please contact me on 01273 818585 or go to our Links section.